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Maine and New Hampshire Computer Services Inc. is a technology company that was established in 1998. We reinvented our company in 2009 to evolve from being a Unisys Supporter to being a complete one-stop IT Solutions shop. As a one-stop-shop we are able to offer an array of services that are supported by four major services, namely:


  • IT Services

  • Printer and TV Repair

  • Business IT Consulting

  • Television Repair

  • Residential IT Services


We offer our clients a convenient and efficient service, while saving them time and effort as they no longer have to shop around and deal with numerous service providers in order to serve their every IT need. We are very proud of our high client retention rate and our lasting relationships that are built on mutual trust. We protect our clients’ interests and we provide them with up to date and quality IT services and solutions.


Maine and New Hampshire Computer Services is committed to empower and encourage clients to grow their businesses, generate employment and create wealth for themselves and their communities. We spend a great deal of time and energy on research, technology and skills to raise the bar for the rendering of IT services and solutions.


We particularly enjoy giving start-up and small businesses a kick start by providing advice and services that make doing business on the World Wide Web easy and professional.




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