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What is offsite backup?
Today, most organizations are clear about the need to protect their most important asset - their data.  Human error, a PC crash, a virus, malicious actions, flood, fire, theft or loss of a laptop - can all too easily put this data and therefore the business at risk.

An offsite backup is a secure, simple and affordable alternative to a traditional tape backup solution.

Tape backup solutions can sometimes be effective, but they need upfront investment, ongoing maintenance and internal staff to maintain and operate them. The word 'hassle' best describes tape backups - especially during a crisis when key data is to be recovered without delay.

Offsite backup is a modern yet proven solution to this niggling and critical process.


What are the benefits of offsite backup?
Offsite backup is cheaper, faster and better than tape backup.  Perhaps a bold statement, but here are some of the arguments:

Cheaper -

  • No capital outlay, pay a fixed monthly amount
  • No set up fees nor license fees 
  • Zero / low operating costs 
  • Zero staff time needed for backup / recovery 
  • Zero tape storage costs

Faster -

  • Installation is complete within minutes - even for non computer staff
  • No waiting to find the right tape nor waiting for someone to find the time to recover lost data

Better -

  • Automated daily backup provides comprehensive protection and zero hassle
  • Less down-time and reduced lost productivity - as files can be recovered instantly
  • Web browser access to backed up files for when traveling or at home
  • Works with individual PCs / laptops and file servers / network shares
  • Secure technology and with encrypted data transfers.


Is offsite backup secure?
Offsite backup is secure. Only secure socket connections are made to the offsite data center and data is encrypted to 128-bit level (military grade) before transmission.  Data never travels un-encrypted, including during a restore process.


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